Monday, 10 October 2011

Year 6 Trip to PGL Liddington!!!

Year 6's trip to PGL Liddington is coming up in the second week of TERM 2 and everyone is excited already. Before becoming an entertainment site for children, PGL was a conference house for the council but before THAT it was a four star hotel so we're hopefully staying in luxury accommodation! The rooms have either three bunk beds or two and each bedroom has an ensuite with a shower. Downstairs there is a massive dining room for all the visiting schools to dine in. If there is nothing you like on their indulgent menu there is always bread and salad. If your child is going to Liddington then a letter has come home with all the details such as, kit, bedtime and pocketmoney.


Liddington activities!

There are lots of fun activities in PGL. Such as wall climbing, canoeing, raft building,
fencing, archery, obstacle courses, swimming, tunnel trail, swimming, trapeze, zip wire and lots more! stay up-dated for the adventure! From 31st October to the 4th of November!

The banister

At lunchtimes and break key stage  2 can play on the bannister.People can play on the top and the bottom.

The Outdoor Classroom

At Ladygrove, we have a new outdoor classroom. The teachers are hoping to do lessons in there.People also play in there.

Key Stage 2 Play Equipment

At Ladygrove, we spend our lunchtimes and breaktimes, Key Stage 2 play on their equipment. This includes the A-frame, monkey bars, flip bars, wooden beams, the X-frame and the stage.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Moving On

Two more days untill we have to move on, already the classes are being redesined into your new teachers style. every one has had a visit to their new classroom and to see their new teacher.

yr 5`s trip to st brinus

Today year 5 went to St Brinus school to do some science like biolygy, pyshycs and chemistry. they used saftey goggles to use things like benson burners, chemichals and its reactions.